Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The White Monkey Warrior

Top from Thailand, Topman pants, Modify X Vindigo Army bag, Creepers, Ice Watch, Spike bracelet

Talk about a personal style, each person has a different style of dress. Please respect those who have different dress from you, hide your laugh because it is in fact that not a funny thing. Why people can judge so Easily ? the rest of you, you are nothing compared with those people who have their own style although it was weird, crazy, freaky, etc..


  1. jadi diri sendiri itu penting, usah fikir tentang tangapan orang sekeliling kita, nice entry! ^^ saya baru baca blog kamu beberapa kali,tp saya sudah suka blog kamu - Love from Malaysia ^^

  2. agree with you kak Yonas, sometimes my friends in campus laughs at me because my style, they said it's too childish when I enjoy my outfit.
    nice outfit kak! I like the second photo!

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